Saturday, 8 March 2014

World Book Day review

At Thomas Hinderwell primary academy world book day was developed by Mr Somers, he was adventurous with his ideas and not only for one day but two whole days of exiting surprises! I had an eye popping experience here is what happened on Thursday :Thursday we had Harry Potter day ; I was a eastern eagle. We moved from class to class doing brilliant activities. My favorite activity was the potion room, I got so messy!.On Friday we did world book day.I was daisy , who is from daisy eat your peas, she is a funny, adventurous , curious girl . We had an arthor in called Myles he was funny .In the afternoon we went to early years to tell them about books .I loved Thursday and Friday don't they sound brilliant? Thank you Mr Somers and all the teachers.


Thursday, 13 February 2014

Maths work

All of my class have been working on the nearest 10s. I think we all are getting  better now that we all found it tricky to do at first but Miss explained it better, we are getting there.



We are going to Flamingo land on Friday.



I like school.  I've been writing a story about Sid the Spider.


Suprise Suprise

You are getting a big surprise from year three.


Flamingo land

I am going to Flamingo land.


Sid the Spider

I have been writing a story about a spider called Sid.