Thursday, 6 February 2014

Paul the Royal Python

This is my story.

Paul was a young Royal Python. He lived with his own Jess. he had scaly skin. He slivered like a snake. he is a long reptile. Paul is shaped like an s and he is 1 meters long. he is camouflage. He has dark colures and he can smell with his tong. He is beautiful.

One sunny Thursday Paul's adventure began. He had his breakfast and set of. He slivered out of his box and went down the road. So he came to Thomas Hnderwell Primary Academy. The children dint no Paul was coming so they got a spires. The snake slivered in!

Somebody sees him sliver down the Corry door. Mrs Johnson pick's him up and took him home. The class was scared of Paul. Mrs Johnson took the children with her.

Paul was happy with his owner Jess.



  1. Goodness Jack, I'm glad I didn't see Paul when he slithered into school. Where did Mrs Johnson take the children?


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