Thursday, 6 February 2014

Paul the royel Python

Today we started writing stories for Key Stage 1.  Here is some of my story.
Paul the snake was a young little python. He was 1 metre long. When we met Paul the snake he was inquisitive! Paul is a reptile. He slithers along on the ground. He lives with his owner Jess. Some snakes have poisonous bites. Paul was a colourful little snake. Paul was a cheeky royal python. Paul was a snake from south Africa. He was very very , very cute. He was long and colourful .He hid from children. He also hid in jess' trousers.

One sunny day Pauls adventure began. Paul loved Jess and Jess loved Paul. Jess brought Paul to Thomas Hinderwell Primary Academy. He was born in south Africa but now he is in the United Kingdom .He can smell with his tongue. He slithers around in his box. Paul is exited. Paul likes Jess.




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