Thursday, 6 February 2014


This week we have all done some amazing stories about royal Pythons for ks1
here is  a bit of mine:
                                                  SSSSSSUPER  SSSSSSSSTORIE
Paul slithered faster past year 4 Mrs Jaconelli's class Mrs Jonson  and Mrs Robinsons until he came to  the pegs he had a sleep on Blyss peg.
2 Hours later Blyss was ready to go home . She mistakes Paul for her scarf and puts him on  .Paul wakes up  and wiggles"Arg".
Jess Pauls owner hers Blyss screaming  and rushes through the corridor and down the stairs .She picks him up and puts  him in the box and takes him home.
After Jess and Paul get home jess puts Paul in his tank. I had a wonderful time I wish I could go again though Paul.


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